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Nevada Driver's Ed Study Programs

Behind the Wheel Programs

Experience behind-the-wheel with a trained instructor provides the new driver a foundation of defensive driving skills upon which to build safe driving habits.

A-1 Nevada is committed to providing State Certified, professional instructors that pick-up and deliver our students right to their door.

$55.00 per hour - 2 hour minimum

Available for anyone. Best used for professional evaluations before the driving test. Senior drivers who wish to update skills. New residents who wish to be oriented to Las Vegas traffic.

$330.00 – 6 hour package

A complete package of fundamental defensive driving skills. Our professional teachers will pick up and deliver the student right to their door. This package is useful in cooperation with parent training.

$550.00 – 10 hour package

Adds training and practice beyond basic defensive driving skills. For those wanting more experience; or some that need special help. Useful in achieving the 50 hour Nevada requirement for drivers under 18 yrs of age.

Home Study Program


This course has been approved by the State of Nevada. It contains nine independent study lessons. (approximately 30 hours) All materials are furnished by A-1 Nevada. Upon completion of requirements the student will need an 80 percent success score on the final examination. When this is achieved a Certificate of Completion accepted by the State of Nevada will be available. Register for Home Study online or by phone 702.829.2981.

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15/5 Program


This course can be substituted for the 30 hour State classroom requirement. It contains 15 hours of classroom and 5 hours of behind-the-wheel training. The 5 hours can also be added to the 50 hour DMV Nevada State requirement for students under 18 years of age.